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Colorado Union of Taxpayers

ColoradoUnion of Taxpayers

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For Immediate Release
Gregory Golyansky
Colorado Union of Taxpayers

NOTE: CUT continues to be alarmed at the widespread abuse of the "safety clause" being unnecessarily added to legislation and has been opposing bills where such language is deemed inappropriate.
Legislative Bills for the week of April 24, 2017

House Bills:

HB17 - 1342 Concerning authorization for a county to submit a ballot question for a county public safety improvements tax at a biennial county or November odd-year election.
CUT Vote NO.

HB17 - 1344 Concerning measures to support innovative teacher preparation programs.
CUT Vote NO.

HB17 - 1348 Concerning free use of any north interstate highway 25 express lane for any motor vehicle that is occupied by two or more individuals, including the driver.
CUT Vote NO.

HB17 - 1309 Concerning modifications to the documentary fee imposed by counties for the purpose of financing a statewide affordable housing investment fund.
CUT Vote NO.

HB17 - 1313 Concerning civil forfeiture reform.

HB17 - 1324 Concerning educational opportunity tax incentives, and, in connection therewith, modifying the existing state income tax deductions for contributions to and distributions of investment earnings from the qualified state tuition program established by collegeinvest and creating new state income tax credits for qualifying teachers and student teachers who teach in rural schools.
CUT Vote NO.

HB17 - 1339 Concerning authorization for the issuance of low-cost ratepayer-backed bonds, and creation of the Colorado energy impact assistance authority to mitigate the impacts of power plant retirements on Colorado workers and communities.
CUT Vote NO.

Senate Bills:

SB17-280 Concerning extending the repeal date of the Colorado economic development commission.
CUT Vote NO.

SB17-296 Concerning financing public schools.
CUT Vote NO.

Founded in 1976, the Colorado Union of Taxpayers (CUT)is Colorado'slongest-serving advocacy groupfor taxpayers,your financial support is always welcome.

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